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The World's Quickest Free IQ Test® was created by Dr. Peter Straumburg in 1973 while he was obtaining his Ph.D. at the University of Brussels. The test is a derivative of four different forms of commonly accepted IQ tests and is called the Binet-Derivative test in recognition of the work of Alfred Binet, the inventor of the modern IQ test.

Dr. Peter Straumburg proved that the Binet-Derivative test was between 93-96% accurate for all native English speakers with a +-2.5% margin for error. The reason the test is so short (only 9 questions) yet so accurate is because there are multiple correct answers for some of the questions. Those with higher IQ scores tend to choose similar answers for those questions that have multiple probable correct answers. The accumulation of these variable response questions gives the test such a high percentage for potential accuracy in judging a person's intelligence quotient.

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